Körber-Prize 2019

Selection and Decision

The Körber European Science Prize is presented annually, honor­­­ing outstanding single scientists working in Europe. The Prize is awarded to excellent and innova­tive research projects that show great potential for pos­sib­le application and international impact. A personal application is not allowed. But how are the most pioneer­ing minds of Europe identified each year?

To begin with, renowned scientists from all over Europe, grouped into two Search Committees, select promising candidates. In alternate years, suitable individuals are sought from the field of life sciences and physical sciences respectively. Those who are shortlisted are then asked to submit a detailed proposal for a research project which is then judged in two rounds of assessment by the Search Committee. The work of the Search Committee is support­ed by international experts who give their independent opinions on the candidates and their projects. A maximum of five candidates are subsequently recommended to the Trustee Committee which, based on a summary of expert assessments, previous publications and scientific career history, decides
on the new prize winner.

Search Committee Physical Sciences and Trustee Committee